Jewels of Arabia

A blissful celebration of modernity, fantasy, and glamour of the uncaptured beauty of Middle Eastern modesty. The magic, the glamour, the luxury of the beautiful couture which has prevailed there through the start of time but has never been documented. The florals represents the modernity that is intertwining our lifes like a vine of beautiful flowers. The textiles native to middle east that exudes luxury and confidence like the bounce of subtle crepe, the flow of ethereal chiffon and the drape of glistening charmeuse silk. The collection features effortless kaftans, glamorous floor-length dresses accentuated with non chalant A-line maxi cut lines, exaggerated sleeves, and extended stoles further highlighting the magic of our preserved beauty waiting for the world to glimmer with the intricate embellishments and modest cutlines. The garments will invite the modern modest women to proudly express her style and beauty.